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bcarver Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Power BI Mobile KPI truncation

I have a Power BI dashboard displaying KPI's using the standard Pbi visualization (not a custom vis).  I've created a Phone view of several KPI's from the dashboard - but when I view them in the most recent Android Power BI App - they're truncated.


Screenshot_2016-09-09-08-22-58.jpgReorienting the phone to landscape solves the problem (showing the entire dasboard, not just my mobile view subset).


Setting each item to its own "line" by widening it to the full width helps a bit, but the top item (the Last Refreshed" text box)was still truncated.


Using only a single KPI also saw it truncated.


I'd really like to limit the phone view to KPI's and use the screen space to best effect.


























I've seen other postings related to formatting but none seem to have this specific issue. 


Thanks Smiley Happy

Moderator RGMS

Re: Power BI Mobile KPI truncation

Thank you for reaching out, we are aware of this issue, in the meanwhile you can overcome this by allocating more space in your mobile dashboard for KPIs.
Stay tuned to the Power BI community and blogs for news about Power BI’s new features and enhancements.

Roy Gal
bcarver Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Power BI Mobile KPI truncation

Thanks for your quick reply - I'll do just that for now, spreading each one across the full Power BI mobile "page" corrects the truncation.

bcarver Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Power BI Mobile KPI truncation

Just to be clear - this is a workaround for me - I really want to present smaller "KPI Like" objects on the phone and control the space they use on the screen.  It's either that or move to the more specific mobile presentations available in a more targeted "Mobile Report Publisher" format.  There's only so much screen real estate on the phone so I want to use it appropriately.


The ability to use a single underlying analytical presentation to serve multiple audiences is leading me to try these features (views over a Power BI dashboard / over a report / over a dataset that's refreshable).  It could be a more efficient way to manage the set of graphical and text objects relating to a given business problem space.  I'm showing a summary graphic to mobile devices, backed up by greater detail on other devices. 


Yes, I could combine Mobile Report Published reports over datasets and relate them to underlying detailed SSRS reports in a more complex set of interrelated objects - but if I can create a single Power BI report to use in multiple presentations I could be way ahead of the game.  Smiley Happy