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Power BI Desktop vs Datazen



Can someone provide the exhaustive list of differences between Power BI desktop Vs Datazen (illustrating the features supported, limitations of each and which one to be choosen based on the scenarios/need).


Thanks in advance!




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I thought of anwering this but as someone already said "image is worth a thousand words"

Datazen Gartner Positioning.png

And must go throught this two important link 

Hope this helps !

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Hello from Lima, Perú.


Do anyone know is there is an update of this ilustration?

As far as I know, Datazen brought better ways to make lean data presentations, right?

Is Power BI by itself good enough to replace DataZen?


Hope to hear from you people.



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Making this list is probably a futile exercise given the rapid pace of changes in the Microsoft BI.  If you are thinking to pick between the two, you may want to consider the following.  If your BI strategy is bottom up - Self Service maturing to Enterprise, then Power BI is really the only way to go (Desktop) .  If you are only looking at Top bottom approach, then Datazen maybe a good option.  I would speculate that Datazen will disappear as a standalone option and will be eventually be incorporated into the existing BI stack but there is no official roadmap on how this will be done.



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Not sure about an exhaustive list, but Power BI Desktop was built to work with the cloud-only service of Power BI 2.0.


Datazen uses an on-premises Enterprise Server similar to something like a Microstrategy.


Datazen has a richer set of visualizations, drill downs and is, in general, a more mature product than Power BI in a number of ways. That being said, they were purchased by Microsoft and whether it will remain a separate product or its technologies be woven into other product lines it is tough to say.

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