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Mobile powered Embed Not Showing Whole Report



I have an app that has both a desktop and mobile view.  I have been using PowerBI in the desktop view for about 9 months now and for the most part, it is working well.  For mobile, we had created pages of reports that were optimized for mobile. However, with the Javascript API now able to actually show the Mobile version of PowerBI reports, I wanted to use that instead of creating 2 versions of the same report with different size pages.  


I took an existing report, went to mobile view, and added the existing controls to it.  I then saved it to and into my system, just like I always do.  When I view the report on mobile, I am getting the mobile view like I am susppose to, but it seems to be cutting off half the top Map control, and not showing my final bar chart at all.  To make the map show more fully, I put the map about 2 rows of space from the top, and it is still cutting a little off it.  


So I guess my question is this, is there only so much space you can use and have show up in the report on Mobile?  And if that is the case, how many rows is that?  ALso, why would it not start from the 1st row?   

There maybe something I am doing wrong in the report itself, and would love feedback on how I can make this work,  Thank you and please see attachments for how I laid out the report....



The top 2 are of the mobile view in PowerBI desktop where you set up the mobile part.  They show that i had to put blank space at top and that there are 2 bar charts at bottom.  The 2nd set shows what shows up when embeded.  The map is still partly cut off at top, even though I have given blank space, and the last picture shows that only one of the bar charts show. What is wrong? THanks.

Shows 2 charts at bottomShows Blank Space needed at topIn app part of map is cut offThe Last Chart Does not show even scrolled down all the way

mshenhav Established Member
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Re: Mobile powered Embed Not Showing Whole Report

Hey @stizz001,


Can you share the report file (pbix) with our support ( for furture investigation?


Thanks Maya

stizz001 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Mobile powered Embed Not Showing Whole Report

I will send it right away @mshenhav. Thank you for your assitnce and I look forward to working with your team further., 



karimou Frequent Visitor
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Re: Mobile powered Embed Not Showing Whole Report