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Ted_S Frequent Visitor
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Mobile App Column Chart Formatting

Is there a way that I can "force" a column chart to show all the data on a mobile app dashboard visualization?  


I have a couple charts where I have 24 months of data.   I have one where it shows the whole 24 months in the tile on the phone dashboard, and another very similar where it shows only the first 10 bars.  You have to touch that tile so that it opens and then you can scroll right to see the newest data.  


I have explored the reports options (such as continous vs category). I have actually had the result change on occasion when I have done this, but it does not seem repeatable.


The desirable (for me) view is one where the width of the bars are shrunk so that the whole chart shows in the dashboard - otherwise you have to open each tile to see the newest data.



bapt69 Member

Re: Mobile App Column Chart Formatting


I see the same things on my phone (Android - Samsung J5 - last version PBI app).


Severals tiles, with same format and same values, move on different way...charts, doughnuts, axe x/y, table...

Very strange...


Charts : all the bars on the screen or not ; you can touch the bars to have the value or not...

Doughnuts : it turns when you touch a part of it, or not ; the values appears when you touch a part, or not...

Axe x/y : when you touch a point, the axis (vertical, horizontal) appeared, no more...

Table : Sometimes, you can scroll to the right, sometimes not...


Is the app stable for all of you?


I don't worry about that, it's already great app Smiley Wink