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jordanlevine Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Launch in mobile app

I am publishing reports to our website via an embedded link and everything looks and works great. The problem I have is that if someone comes to our website via their mobile, the reports are all landscape designed and don't function well to the point where nobody's going to consume the information because of it. Can we get the option to embed a link to "Launch in PowerBI Mobile" or something like that where it would let them enjoy the mobile layout that I've designed for the report? Some way to click to launch in app that I could stick at the top for our mobile users.

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Launch in mobile app



We have produced same kind of issue when accessing dashboard via "publish to web" link, it always has bad layout on mobile device browser. We already reported this issue internally.



Moderator RomiK

Re: Launch in mobile app

Hi @jordanlevine,


We are looking into adding support for Phone reports in the embedded scenario.

Saying that, you can add a URL in your app today that opens the Power BI Native app and direct users to the Phone report.

Learn more about deeplinks here: 

Note the users must have the Power BI native app


Let us know if this worked for you.