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Gauge Titles didn't work in mobile view



I'm trying to create a mobile views for a set of reports but, when i opened the reports in my cellphones the chart titles disapear.  


Frequent Visitor

Also in other visuals my titles in mobile view don't work at all, I think it is a bug and will soon be solved. (I hope)

Hi @Dennis99,

I can't reproduce your issue, the title shows when I click on gauge chart.





Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Hi Xiaoxin,


That is not the issue, since a few days, the title is not showing up in mobile view (Iphone), if you click on the chart you can see the title, but it is not showing in the gauge chart itself, all titles are not showing in all the visuals I am using.


People do not know now what a value means now, if they are using the mobile view.


Example: In red what I mean


Mobile view in power Bi desktop


View with Title.png


Mobile view on phone


View with without title.png

Hi All,

Power BI desktop allows for a lot of customization on a visualization's title, a title can have a lot of font types, font sizes colors and background colors.

This formatting is shared between the desktop layout and the phone layout.

Since a phone is much smaller than your desktop screen, having the same titles in both the desktop view and the phone one may result in a sub-optimal experience.

To accommodate this, phone reports optimizes the visualization title and places it on top of the visualization in the phone report.

To view the visualization's title, select the visualization in your phone report's view by simply tapping it this will show the visualizations header menu and it's title.


If you feel like we should address this issue, we encourage you to submit an idea in our ideas forum here.

We thank you for your feedback.


Roy Gal
Frequent Visitor

This is a serious design change, removing the titles in mobile view means I have to rebuild some of my reports with Text fields now.

You can't ask users to click on every visualization to know what a value means ?


It was fine the way it was....


You can always use the landscape view to see the report exactly as it was originally designed.

We have added this requirement to our backlog – stay tuned for future Power BI releases for updates.

Thanks again for taking the time and providing this valuable feedback.

Roy Gal



Can you please confirm that this has been the behaviour all throughout?  I'm fairly certain that this behavious is actually new and a result of recent changes. 


If it is a recent change, perhaps it is a bug and could be address accordingly instead of having to wait for enough votes and a release?


In terms of turning the device to landscape view to see all titles, that defeats the purpose of a mobile view

To provide more context. 


Published a mobile version report through Desktop Version: 2.50.4859.502 64-bit (September 2017) to Server Version13.0.2436.179


As viewed from Samsung S8 (andriod 7.0 security patched to 01.07.17) via PBI app version 2.2.170907.111715.  The titles were not displayed


The same report as viewed from iphone5 on IOS 10.3.3 via PBI app version 14.0 displayed the titles as expected


horrendously small sample but perhaps will help isolate the issue or at the very least allow you understand the different behaviours being experienced by end users

Hi @RGMS it is very important for me. The client does not want to click to see the title. If i dont want to show, i can hide in chart option (it is already available). When do you expect this feature will be changed? 

I agree that this is a major concern that began disrupting our user experiences this week and it was not consistent on all users machines. Some had titles and others did not and we could not find any differences between app versions, ios versions or settings that could explain it. A handful of users suddenly had to press the report tile to see the title and others did not. Please fix this.

I have to say, it seems rather silly to show the title when you build the mobile view (and have it look decent, even!) and then have it disappear once the mobile version is live on the phone. Why would we not want the titles present? We have the option to hide the titles already. Selecting that we want to see the titles on the report view should also affect the mobile view. 

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