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Dashboard tile not updating but report does



I seem to have a curious problem with the dashboard tiles on Android mobile app. I have recently reinstalled the app also but this doesnt seem to have resolve my problem.




I have pinned some reports to my dashboard, however I cant see the latest data. The underlying report is scheduled to refresh every few hours, but when i open via the dashboard tile i cannot see the latest data (currently it only shows up to 10am yesterday and the dataset was refreshed several times since then).


When i open the dashboard title in report view I can see the latest data in line with the refresh time so I am sure i have set this up properly. I have had problems before with what I assume is caching and closing the app and restarting it would solve it, but now it just seems impossible to get this to work.


Some of the tiles that are pinned to the report do show the latest data though, just some specific visuals do not. I thought it may be a visual specific thing but all the tiles are table visuals so having some that do and some that dont doesnt seem to make sense.


We have the same issue with our browser based dashboard not reflecting any changes from the underlying report.  If we refresh or otherwise, it is staying static to the underlying report from which the visual was pinned.

@martinrowe wrote:

Hi - Sorry I have been away and not able to follow this up.


I have recreated the report fro scratch (new page within existing report) and I have the functionality working as it should. However the original report doesnt seem to work not matter what I try.


The original report is quite an old report (circa 9 months when first created), I thought at first that it maybe because I hadnt changed the table visuals to the newest version after it came out of preview mode a few months back but I can confirm that this is not the case. But I do suspect that there is a potential regression or backwards compatability issue somewhere either with the visual used or the online service itself.


I will create a ticket for it non the less and see what the outcome is, is there any specific information i should include in the ticket as there is no error log or output that may pertain to the problem?


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