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Chiclet Slicer - Persistent filters (slicer) not working

We have used the Chiclet slicer in one of our reports.
We use this particular slicer because it allows us to force the user to select one and only one element.
Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 13.16.02.png
The problem is that when the users refresh their report on their phone (swiping down) it resets their slicer to the item that was selected when we published the report. When building the report the slicer selects a single element by detals (the first one on the list) - to be expected I guess.
Is there any way, using the Chiclet slicer, to allow the system to keep their selection instead of reverting back to the published selection? At the moment it's pretty annoying in that they swipe down and then have to re-select every time.
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Re: Chiclet Slicer - Persistent filters (slicer) not working

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Hi @RGI,


Nope, current it seems not contains options to configure 'keep filter items' when refresh.

In my opinion, I'd like to suggest you to create a bookmark with specific selection items so you can quick reset these filters.


In addition, you can also submit an idea for this requirement.


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Re: Chiclet Slicer - Persistent filters (slicer) not working

Following some feedback from Microsoft support we've discovered the following:


In order to make the filters persists you need to

1) set your filter and immediately exit the report (load another) BEFORE you do a refresh

2) come back to your report and it should have retained your selection

3) do NOT change your sheet (if your report has multiple sheets)


If you do the above, and as long as you keep that sheet it appears to keep your selection even if you do a swipe-down refresh.

We find that if you change your sheet anything can (and probably will) happen.


Apparently it's a know bug and will be fixed at some stage.


We were advised to wait 60 seconds after making a selection before we refreshed - waiting 60 seconds made no difference to us. Exiting immediately did - it appears that doing this allowed the system to "save" the filter state.