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Can't scroll horizontally in tables after using bar charts (Android app)


I am using the android app and opening dashboards with a table tile and various other charts. As the table contains multiple columns I would need to scroll horizontally to view them all. However I have met some specific conditions related to the bar chart that will make the app unable to scroll horizontally.

Conditions that it works:
If I only expand the table tile, I can scroll horizontally.
If I expand a bar chart without touching any bars, return to the dashboard and expand the table tile, I can scroll horizontally.

Conditions that it does not work:
If I expand a bar chart, touch any bar and focus on it, I can no longer scroll in any table tile, even in other dashboards in my app. The only way to make it work again is to kill the app and restart it.

Please help fix this problem as the users are deeply affected and may delay our deployment.

(Tested on multiple android phones, behaviour is the same; Problem does not exist on iOS)




Thanks for the detailed repro!

We are aware of this issues and working on fixing them.


Keep track of the changes in or MSDN Blog :


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