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Can't Display the Visual



I 'm having issues in an online shared dashboard. Some visuals show as an X and it states
"Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details."

It shows up randomly, as all visuals are loaded and working, but it changes to the X when viewing the report. Ash randomly as they go, they start working again. It shows for all users, within the network or external. The data is loaded from an excel file and then published daily to the web, so it doesn't have automatic refresh or any live connection. 


It also freezes when loading into the app (both iOS and Android), but it can work sometimes. 


As a reference, the reports don't have any complicated, nest measures or columns, though it does have a few. The visuals do have some filters. 


This issue was not happening at first, but is becoming more recurrent now. 


I'd appreciate your help. 


Issue info:

Código de estado HTTP400
Identificador de actividad57ea1741-fa1b-4761-b670-dbb1443c0aa9
Id. de correlaciónccf18908-ed09-8bd0-5af0-c81b82034ed4
Identificador de la solicitud058d2298-2f3f-74e9-56c6-e71cf5f1440c
HoraFri Apr 28 2017 12:46:54 GMT-0500 (SA Pacific Standard Time)



Where is this Excel file hosted?


If it's hosted on-premise, it might be your network issue since this issue occurs intermittently. Please use Fiddler to trace the requests from Power BI Service. You will get more detail message about the error.






Hi, Simon

Could you please advise me if there's anything I can do to solve this issue? As I explained in the above reply, the Excel file is not hosted on-premise, however I don't know if I'm mistaken by thinking that getting data locally and then uploading it via the Publish option in the desktop app requires an active network connection. 


Thanky you in advance. 



Were you able to resolve the issue ? It would be great if you can tell the solution to this as I am facing a similar issue.



Hello arathore,


My issue was a custom visual i downloaded from the store. Apparently, it had a data limit that was not specified in the description. One it started managing more and more registers, it collapsed and every other visual that had an active relationship with this one, also failed. As a reference, it was the Hierarchy Slicer. 



Thankyou for your reply @isagutic. Although this is not my case, its good to know that your issue was due to custom visual and you were able to resolve it. I will keep that in mind.      

this was a connectivity issue from ssas to power bi. it got fixed and then visual was displayed sucessfully.

Not applicable

Could you, please, explain, what was done in order to fix the connection problem betweeb ssas and power bi?


Thank you for the reply. 


I'm fairly new to Power BI, actaully, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, so please let me know if I am. 

The process is the following: Data is stored manually in an Excel file. A dataset was created from Powe Bi desktop from the tables of this file. No scheduled update is set, so Desktop is opened and refreshed when new data is added. Then, it is published to the web so part of the organization can visualize the reports. This is where I get the issue. 

As I understand, once the file is published, there is no need to keep an active connection from this Desktop as the file is already published, correct? 



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