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Barcode scanning does not work on IPhone

I am trying the barcode scanning functionality on my IPhone, but it does not work. What I have did:

1. Imported a simple table from a datasource about items (item name, barcode, value)

2. Converted a field in type Barcode.

3. I have created  a report with the data of the items.

4. Published the data on my Power BI Service and created dashboards of the reports

5. I have opened the dashboards in my Iphone. So everything is there.

6. Then I have used the scan functionality of the Power BI and tried to scan the barcode, but nothing happens. No message box or something else is shown, nothing. Why?(I kept the scanner for about a minute -> no result)

Should the barcode have a special format? I tried Code-128 and Code-39-25. But it does not work

How can I use the barcode scanning functionality?

MbProg Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Barcode scanning does not work on IPhone

I have tried it with EAN_13. It scans the code and goes to the report, where the barcode is there. But it shows a blank page, although the barcode is in the database and in the dashboard. See pictures: