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burhanb Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

17.1 Update on iPad

In the new powerbi update, there were changes to the tablets. But when we updated the app, we were unable to view the mobile version. It still looks like the web.


Our device : iPad 

IOS : 12

mshenhav Established Member
Established Member

Re: 17.1 Update on iPad

hey @burhanb,


Are you reffering to the newly released support for mobile layout in portraint orientation?

That should work only if you have mobile layout defined for your report page and when you hold your iPad in Portraint orientation.

If your report has a page that has mobile layout, then in the report catalog you should see a different report icon, indicating that this report is a mobile report.


Can you please share a screenshot of your report page in portraint orientation, and a screenshot of the report catalog page as well?


Thanks, Maya