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Presentation and Information from 9 Feb 16 PUG Meeting

Johannesburg Power BI User Group ran the first PUG on the 9 Feb 2016.  Thanks to everybody who attended.  


Please find below the link to presentation used for the meeting:


During the meeting we had three groups discuss the key issues and topics that they would like to include in future PUG meetings.  


Group 1

  • Predictive Analytics - models used
  • Power BI (Licencing)
  • Cortana
  • Data Analysis
  • Power Map
  • Power Pivot
  • Machine Learning
  • Server requirements


Group 2

  • Capacity
  • Reporting - Share ideas
  • Deployment / Access
  • Demo
  • Issues


Group 3

  • Sarter use of data
  • Using Dashboards better
  • Simplification of BI
  • Monitoring live data
  • Assessing trends (time stamp)
  • Cost & self service
  • Bridge gap between Tech & Management
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Unlocking Big Data