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visual has exceeded available resources

Power BI Visual coming up with error message


Resources Exceeded

This visual has exceeded the available resources. Try filtering to decrease the amount of data displayed.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
More detailsResource Governing: The query exceeded the maximum memory allowed for queries executed in the current workload group (Requested 1048579KB, Limit 1048576KB).
Activity ID3063c74c-eacc-420b-8535-aaa9d59e0892
Correlation IDd3fe4aa3-b52b-efe0-9e45-c6ad7fa18274
Request IDd46f830f-2b56-a59a-8cbc-25a0f299432e
TimeWed May 17 2017 14:44:59 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time)
Cluster URI

Status: New



Desktop does not have 1Gb memory limit for the memory consumed by a model and it’s calculations.

However Service has the memory limit, and there is no way to increase this limit.

You need to locate the corresponding calculation and change it.


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I recommend looking reviewing some of the strategies that Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo list for tuning and optimizing DAX measures.


The short term solution would be to put fewer columns in your table, or fewer measures.


Ideally, you'll need to look at how those measures are being calculated, and if you can avoid materializing large tables in memory to calculate them (that's why you're exceeding the 1GB RAM limit).


If you post your measures, the community may be able to help you optimize them.


~ Chris H