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undefined Icremental load does not work

I need a help with icremental load on power bi, I'm bringing the data to the desktop PB via query from a PROGRESS bank, created the parameters and did all the steps according to the official documentation, however the icremental load is not working every time I run the load all data is being loaded again, I checked and the option to display native queries in the steps applied in power qurey is disabled and I am not understanding why ... icremental load is not possible with PROGRESS?

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@Chavernue87 ,


Does "incremental load" you mentioned means "incremental refresh"? If so, this feature works on power bi service. Please refer to doc below:



Jimmy Tao

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Thank you, yes, it's the incremental update, I did exactly what the documentation says, even so the incremental update still doesn't work.


Is there an incompatibility with the PROGRESS database? the connection is made via ODBC, would that be the problem?