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tooltips not updated with the curent filters selections

I have a main page with an "account" filter and some indicators pointing on tool-tips pages.


At the first time i select values (one or many) on the filter, the indicators update rightfully and so for the tooltips. But in the next time i change my filters selection, indicators still update but the tooltips keep the previous value linked to the old filtering. It only happen on powerbi online and not on the desktop version.


Moreover I displayed the tooltip page trying to understand if it was the result of an option. The fact is that the tooltip page is correct but not the displayed pop-up values.


I supposed a cache issue. Is anyone else have the same issue ?


Thx for the help.



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Similar issue has been reported: CRI 197451079. And the issue has been found and fix is in progress. It should reach production around August 17th.


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any news for this issue ?

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