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the issue: Using two different columns from a table, they shows same data from one column.

As i said on the subject, when i drag two different columns from one table,

two columns shows exactly the same data from one column on my dash board.

Please look at the pictures below, the first one is what it is supposed to be, 

the second one is what it is like right now.


This is very frustrating since i have to show two different kind of data to make this report.

I am very curious that why this kind of error is occuring since i have been using BI for last whole year.

Please let me know if there is any kind of soluthion for this error.


Thank you.




1.   what it is supposed to be

2. what it is like right now


Status: Needs Info


I am unable to reproduce this issue in the latest version of Power BI Desktop(2.65.5313.841). What version of Power BI Desktop do you use?

Could you please share sample data of your table or PBIX file through Private message? I will test it in my Desktop.


Status changed to: Needs Info