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subscription not sending to one user



I have a subscription setup with 4 users. 3 of us receive the email daily at the scheduled time, but 1 of us does not.

I have checked mimecast and there is nothign there for the 1 user who isn't receiving the email, but there is for the rest of us.


If I run this subscription using the run now button it sends the report to all of us including the user who does not receive it automatically.



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Community Support Team

@ghansford ,


Please check points below:


1. Please check if the data source has been refreshed.

2. Please ensure that the User Principal Name (UPN) can receive emails.



Jimmy Tao

Occasional Visitor

Hi Jimmy


The data source refreshes at 17:30 as expected and the report sends to the other 3 users in the sub.


His UPN can receive emails as it works when I click run now on the sub.