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subscription gets deleted when I republish an existing report.

This just started two days ago.  When I republish an existing report that already had a subscription on it for many users, the subscription gets deleted and I have to start all over again and set it up.  Can you offer assistance please? 

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Similar issue has been reported: CRI 196000722, so stay tuned. 


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I have the same issue 😕


Where can i see the status on the reported issue? when i try to search for CRI 196000722 i get posts from 2017.

This must have been resolved beacuse i havent had the issue before (last 3 months with a lot of republishing)




Helper II
Helper II

Experiencing the same. Every day i have to re-create the subscription. started last week.

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I have over 150 colleagues subscribed to a report. Have to re-add all to a new subscription. I vote for MS having this fixed at the earliest possibility. Thanks for considering.

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So can anyone confirm this is a new issue / bug? I have just started adding my users to subscriptions when I encountered this.

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Happened to me today. This mixed with the fact I have to manually add people to the subscription (vs a 365 group) gets to my nerve. MS please fix this and let us know if there is a way we can recover the subscriptions we lost.

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The main support page advises that engineers are looking into this, however it would be great if this was updated on the ticket!

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Same issue here.

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ugh.. same here!

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swear word, swear word, swear word, really really bad swear word.....  this issue has just added 2 hours to my day and a lot of angry people.... amazing how a simple thing can create so much pain.