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relative date filter UTC fix



We understand that the relative date filter only works in UTC. There is another issue related to this which makes this control unable to be used without writing timezone and DST code for *every* field you want to have a relative date filter on.


I created a date dimension table that linked local date to the time in UTC so I could filter based on the UTC date time. Thats when I foind out that the filter only works on the date component and ignores the time (!!). So If I select last 1 day and it seems to only select records with the same date, not for the previous 24 hours as expected.


Say I have a record from 9am on the 3rd here in AUS, Thats currently 22:00 on the 2nd UTC. If I use the relative date filter at 10am, set to "Last 1 Day" I will see the record becauset the server thinks its the 2nd and my converted date is on the 2nd. Now if I refresh again at 12pm on the 3rd, the record will not show, because the server thinks it is the 3rd now and wont show records computed to be on the 2nd even though the record was captured only 3 hours ago.


This component needs to take into account the time as well as the date.

Status: Delivered

Hi @cnschulz ,


From the document, you can see: 


  • The slicer and filter are always based on the time in UTC, so if you configure a filter in a report and send it to a colleague in a different time zone, you'll both see the same data. However, if you aren't in the UTC time zone, you might see data for a different time offset than you expect.

For your requirement, you can vote this similar idea:


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Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Delivered

This is not delivered. 


"However, if you aren't in the UTC time zone, you might see data for a different time offset than you expect"


This is what I am suggesting gets fixed. It is crazy to expect the relative date filter to only work as expected in the UTC time zone. A *simple* fix would be to have it deliver results based on the servers timezone (for report server installs). The appropriate fix is to have this deliver results based on the users timezone.