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"The query result is too large" Message on Dataset Refresh



I'm not able to refresh my dataset in Power BI Web anymore.

Every time the refresh is triggered, an error message is displayed.

I've already checked whether there may be a measure or column with issues, but couldn't find any in the Power BI Desktop app.

Could you point me in the right direction what's wrong here? 😞


I actually cannot imagine that we use too many columns already.

We are using a mixed storage mode. Most data is retrieved through direct query mode.






Cluster URI:
Activity ID: d55b62e7-21e6-4446-8f1e-a099bacea305
Request ID: c0491d51-3d70-38dd-6895-d94bc1c30266
Time: 2021-08-05 10:06:13Z



Any help would be much appreciated!

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Thank you for pointing me to some help pages.
Will work through the lists and see what I can do

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After working through a lot of web pages addressing this issue, checking DaxStudio, VertiPaq Analyzer, and removing everything I thought I didn't need (which ultimately lead to worse performance of some pages), I finally found the issue:


I created 2 calculated tables a while ago. It looks like they were causing all the trouble.

After I removed them from Power BI and build them in the source database instead, everything was fine.

Probably they could also reside in Power BI when rewriting the code, but I was not able to do that.


As a Power BI novice this took me several days now to find the root cause and I'm a bit disappointed about the unspecific message that was shown. It was definitely not helpful.