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"The Model could not be loaded" error in Power BI app

Dear support,


we have created an app from a Power BI report. However, since a few days, one of my colleagues get the following error message whenever she opens the app:



Das Modell konnte nicht geladen werden.

Versuchen Sie es später noch mal, oder wenden Sie sich an den Support. Geben Sie die folgenden Details an, wenn Sie sich an den Support wenden.Details ausblenden


  • Aktivitäts-IDa3298957-0889-49e3-9a38-3b876c5b7ac5
  • Anforderungs-IDfc61a64c-3768-2509-e89c-617055f6a064
  • Korrelations-ID3645e406-7fcb-10ed-2760-d0d46d3f761a
  • ZeitTue Oct 26 2021 14:40:52 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit)
  • Dienstversion13.0.16982.47
  • Clientversion2110.2.08110-train
  • Cluster-URI



I can not see what the issue is but other apps that are using the same source work well.

Can you please help?

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My colleague was not part of a RLS group. After I added her, she was able to access the dashboard.


Please close the ticket.

Community Support


According to my research, I think you should first check if you are using the Classic workspace because you will meet this kind of issue if you haven’t upgraded the V1 workspace:



If you still have a problem, please refer to these links:


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support

Hi @jshk ,

Thank you for the further response. I will close this ticket

Community Support
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