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"Table-in-a-cell" preview pane in Power Query Editor now resizes improperly

When extending the top of the preview pane, the bottom edge also moves upward, keeping the pane small and completely defeating the purpose. Included are two screenshots illustrating this issue. The bottom of each screenshot is the bottom of where the old preview pane used to be. This appears to have happened within the last update or two because I used this pane a few months ago and there were no problems.





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I tested in Power BI desktop version 2.68.5432.841 64-bit (April 2019) but not able to reproduce the issue. Please update Power BI desktop to this version then test again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Sorry for the long time between responses. I wanted to wait until I updated to the May version to just see if it was an April-only bug, but then I had unexpected life circumstances and missed several days of work.


It appears as though the visual bug persists, as evidenced by this screenshot:bad3
This is a test .pbix I made just a few days ago. It does this for whole-row previews as well. The two table-in-a-cells have four and three rows in them, so there's more getting cut off than just the second row seen at the bottom of the image.




Is it possible for you to share the pbix file and Excel source file with us? If it is, please remove sensitive data, upload them to your OneDrive and paste the share link here. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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