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"Sorry, that didn't work. Try again later" Can't sign up?

So I've been trying to sign up for about 3 weeks now, and I keep getting the same error message "Sorry, that didn't work. There's a problem on our end. We're working on it, so try again later."

This problem has been persistant for 3 weeks and I'd like to sign up so I can buy PRO and continue. 
I signed up, got the verification code, put it into the field and continued. |





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Have you tried to sign up in a different network (If you cannot sign up in the office, try it at home)? If issue persists, could you please provide a recorded video about the issue? Please also try to collect fiddler traces (enable following option) during sign up, and share the .saz file through online file service like OneDrive.


'angular' is undefined while accessing the embed report url._1.jpg


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I am having the same issue. Is there any update?


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Edit: I had another thought about this issue. Is it possible that the email I'm signing up with is too long? This has been an issue beofre with other systems. My work email is (10 digits)@(11)-(11).com. That's 38 total characters. Any thoughts on this?

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Same issue for me yesterday and also today.

When I try to sign up on the website (klicking "Sign Up" on the bottom of the site), the webpage is not scrollable anymore and nothing further happens. I tried it with different browsers from different systems and internet connections.

When I use the Sign Up link in Power BI Desktop, It leads me to the webpage with the email input field and I get the above error message.


Here the Fiddler trace of the http request when klicking register after entering my email:


Seems to be an issue of the internal handling on of the webserver od the applications in the following process chain.




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Was there ever any solution to this problem?
I am also experiencing this, and can't register to Power BI to start using Power BI service.

I keep getting redirected to the error page whenever I've logged in and try to register.