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"Invalid Credentials" error creating new dataflow that uses On-Premise Data Gateway and SQL Server

Here's the issue.


1. Create a new dataflow

2. Select "Add new entities" and choose SQL Server database.

3. Enter in the server and database names, corresponding to a source defined in an on-premise data gateway


4. The dialog autopopulates the stored credentials from the gateway but when you click "Next" you get an error saying:




A workaround that let's you actually connect to the data source is to create a blank query instead and then using the advanced editor type in the connection to the database. Then when prompted by the Dataflow editor to provide credentials it will work. 


Seems like a bug with the dialog for creating a new query using SQL Server. 

Status: New
Community Support

hi  @mofawaz181 

I have tested on my side, it works well.


Could you please make sure that you have configured gateway for your database and you could check if the credential is correct in your gateway and be same with the credentials in your dataflow:



and also try to clear the saved password, cache and cookies in your web browser and check if it works well.






The data source is configured correctly in the gateway and works just fine for datasets, and in the workaround scenario I mentioned in my post. 


The issue is specific to the form you fill out when initially creating a SQL Server database connection in a dataflow. Once the workaround is used and the connection has been setup, it works fine and the dataflow is able to load data and refresh. 

Community Support

hi  @mofawaz181 

I couldn't reproduce your issue, i would suggest you submit a support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.




New Member

I'm having the exact same issue- just started showing up about a week or two ago. 


Previously we had no issues.  The only thing we can figure out that changed was when we applied the October gateway update (going to try to apply the November update tomorrow.)  Credentials are known valid, and multiple users have the same issue. We are able to create a new dataflow ONLY if we add the root folder of the gateway to the dataflow, save it, refresh it, (sometimes manually map the crednetials in the datflow settings) then go in an add the correct entities, deleting the dummy root folder entity. Then we're good.


Again we didn't change any credentials, users, security groups, or other settings intentionally and had a working setup in production previously.


We really have no idea where even to look to figure out what could have changed. 

New Member

Same Problem without Gateway. 

I try to connect a Azure SQL Database.