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"Errors" in visuals when a report is published

Good morning,

(apologies in advance since I originally published this in the "Service" forum, but I think this "Issue" forum is more adequate)


I have updated and published a report to the service and I'm getting errors in some visuals (and Dataset: see below). these errors are not present in the Desktop report; they only appear in the published report.


This is the error message from the published report;

Erros in published report.JPG




 Is it possible that the desktop file renders the visual with no issues and the published version delivers an error? Any ideas ?




PS: I've just noticed that an update to a page (new visual) is not even present in the published report. Is something "broken" in the service?


EDIT: I have seen that there is also an error in the Dataset update (I published the report manually BTW). I guess this could be the source of all my evils. This is the error notice:

publishing dataset error.JPG




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OK, here's an update on the mysterious inaccesible dashboard visuals and non-updatable dataset. 

I have created a new workspace, published the same dataset/report to this new workspace and all is well. If, however, I publish the same dataset/reports to the old workspace (as an update), the errors persist. Which goes to say that something is broken in the original workspace. What exactly is a mystery to me, and I would appreciate some sort of reassurance. I use this model to sell my services and it isn't going to look good if this issue persists...


For the time being I'll keep the old workspace active, and replicate the dashboards etc in the new workspace and hope for the best.


Thanks for any help,



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I have the same problem. What is on my desktop that I tried to publish multiple times just won't show up online. The report automatically updates using a data gateway.





Hi @PaulDBrown,


I can't reproduce it. It could be a temporary issue. 

1. Did you make any changes on these fields? (Maybe you deleted some fields or changed their properties.)

2. Can you create a similar visual in the Service?


Hi @lanimateo,


It seems your issue is different with this one. Please create a new thread.


Best Regards,


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Thanks for popping into the issue. As I mentioned in my second message, I have created a new App workspace to which I have published the exact same PBI file from my Desktop App. (so the dataset and reports are supposedly identical). I have re-published the file to both the original workspace and the new workspace this morning. Neither Apps use a Gateway; they are both fed from the publish function within the Desptop App. I have both workspaces up and running.



DASHBOARD COMPARISON.jpgREPORT COMPARISON.jpgCHANGES COMPARISON.jpgThe original workspace still  shows the errors in the visuals and in the case of the original workspace, changes made to pages aren't reflected (see comparison screenshots)

The original workspace ("OLD") also shows an error in the dataset render:


dataset error.JPG


So it seems something "broke" in the original workspace, since the updates from the same Desktop PBI file are not reflected.


I can try to replicate some of the visuals on the service, but given the above, it seems it is a problem with the actual workspace in the service. I have absolutely no clue as to what went wrong, since I have using the exact same PBI file (which never showed the problems in the visuals as seen in the service) all the time.


Anything else I can do?


Thanks again,