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publish-action gives no respons


I made a dashboard and i am trying to publish it. But the publish button is not working, no respons when i push it

I tried to log out. Pressed the button, no respons

tried to reinstall. no respons


please help

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Hi @htacke,


Do you mean you want to publish the Desktop report to the Service? If so, this is an issue that had been reported. It will be fixed in about two weeks. The workaround could be using a October Version Desktop for now. If you didn't keep the installer, please download it here.


For others's information. The report ID is CRI 51713768 and CRI 51686230.


Best Regards!


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Hi Dale,


This was indeed the problem. I can now share my work again.


Thanks and best regards,



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I am having this issue now with the May 18 update...any ideas?

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I have done de latest updates and no problem in publishing my reports. Maybe you should try the older version in the first reply and upgrade from there.