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on-premises data gateway's service account failed to impersonate the user

Gateways are running, on, and all test connection work but reports cannot be updated since on-premises data gateway's service account failed to impersonate the user

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@Mrlsacson @_chriZa_ @DanL We are facing the same issue but with Analysis services. Do we have a workaround this? If not, is there any other way to make analysis services with Composite mode refresh? We are trying to schedule it for refresh and facing the issue, manual refresh is not an option for our client. 

Also, please refer this for more info on the issue.


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We are facing this error with SSO on direct queries over SQL Server.

This seems to be an recurring error.

Any other having this issue on November 2021?

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Faced same issue on migrating to a new laptop. The SQL datasources were not connecting on Power BI Service resulting in failed reports refresh. However, files on sharepoint could connect and refresh. The error thrown was -



After 2 days of trying everything, it somehow got solved. Here's how - 


- Ensured .NET is installed on system

- Installed Microsoft Access Database engine 2010

- Installed MS ODBC driver 17 for SQL server

- Uninstalled and reinstalled On Premises data Gateway.

- Did a reset of Domain/Laptop Login Password

- Selected the 'existing gateway' for setup (which was being used earlier to run reports in old laptop)

- After setup, logged into Gateway using domain email id.

- Ran couple of reports on Excel connected to the same SQL server databases

- Then Closed everything and did a system shut down.

- Restarted system and found that the datasources were back up on Power BI servcie!


Note that I checked the data source connection status after each step and it wasn't up until the last. So not sure if all are relevant but then here's how it got solved for me.