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notifyOption on rest API doesn't work



I'm using the Power BI rest API to refresh some dataflows, according to the documentation here:


I populate the groupId, the DataflowID as parameters, and set the body as:

	"notifyOption": "MailOnCompletion"


The objective being to get a notifcation (email) once the refresh is done, wether it's a success or a failure.


When I do this, the refresh is triggered as expected, but I never receive the email once it's done. I've tried on Dataflows that voluntary have a fail refresh, or working; with "MailOnCompletion" or "MailOnFailure", but it never worked.


I tried on Postman as well, and directly and finally on the "Try it" feature from the documentation, as shown on the screenshot:

2020-07-09 18_03_53-Photos.png


Any idea?

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@bd92 ,


I have made a test and could reproduce this issue, I will report internally and update here when I get any response.



Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor

I'm having the same problem.