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not able to connect an Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage account

When we try to connect a premium workspace to an Azure data lake gen2 storage account. During setup we are encountering a message stating: the workspace azure connection uses a storage account that is in the tenant's home region. The home region for the tenant may not be the region of the Power BI Premium capacity. Dataflow data and dataset backups will be stored in your tenant's home region. 


We are able to specify the container, also some files are created in the container Power-BI but we are not able save the configuration We are using Power BI Premium Gen2 P1 

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To my knownledge, the Premium capacity need to be in the same region as your Power BI tenant.

try to keep them in the same region.





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Regions are both West Europe so that should not block.

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Same issue here. Same message when I try to connect on tenant or workspace level from PBI service. I checked, and my tenant, PBI premium and ADLSG2 storage account are on the same region.

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I am having the same problem. Did you make sure you are owners of the storage account? I try to get that fixed and can report if that helped afterwards. From :



  • To bring your own ADLS Gen 2 account, you must have owner permissions at the storage account layer. Permissions at the resource group or subscription level will not work. If you are an administrator, you still must assign yourself owner permission.[...]