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need help on below things



I need your assistance below things whether below options are possible in power Bi or not.. if not is there any work arround for those.. Kindly let me know.

1. Top menu and sub menu for redirection/navigation to right page/dashboard

2. Image gallery display with scroll bar possibility

3. Possibility of Authentication to external users with public email ids

4. How to avoid default menus which are not required for customer

5. Integration with portal to view BI dashboard with same URL


thanks In advance.


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Hi @lavankumar1989a,


1. You can try Bookmark feature:

2. There is no image gallery, but there is a image visual and Image Grid visual to show images. 

3. Power BI account requires work or school email to sign up/sign in, see:

4. Not sure what's "default menus" do you mean. Please clarify it. 

5. You can embed the report with Publish to web or Power BI embedded feature. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Qiuyun Yu,


Thanks a lot for your response.

Default menu means, if have 10 users in a system and i don't want to see all the users all the menu details of a report page ...


Eg: if i have 4 different menus on a report page like





if a company top/ designated user can view all the above 4 and a normal or guest can view only respective 1 or 2 things on above 4






Hi @lavankumar1989a,


From your description, it looks like "menus" are visuals, right? 


It's not supported to hide/display report visuals for different users currently. But we can configure RLS to restrict users view data on these visuals:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu