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mobile app report options (filter pane) disappears after 1 second



I have designed some mobile views for one report and the biggest issue I have is that filter pane is in this pull-up pane which I can't get to stay on or at least get it to show without having my iPhone go on app switcher (swipe up on iPhone with Face Id).

I may have worked on previous version of iPhone since the app tray is accessed by a double-click on the home button.


The only way I can get the pane to show is to go in the page selection tool and be quick to click on filter button.


Can we make it so that it stays on the screen or is made accessible using another mean than swiping-up please?


Status: New
Community Support



You may try the new iOS app version and share feedback via Ideas.

Helper II

Just updated Power BI app on my iPhone.

Still going to app switcher.