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iOS Mail displaying cached images in Subscription

A Couple of Weeks ago some of our Executives started reporting that the Power BI Subscriptions they were recieving now contained additional pages on the email. Each page on the said report shows information from different properties and as of 2 weeks ago they started getting multiple properties pages in one email and sometimes the data was old. 


The only thing in common was that they were all using iOS devices. Everyone using Android devices were not reporting this issue and indeed on my own device i only recieve the one page per email. 


A year ago we had a similar problem with SSRS reporting and the solution was to rename the report and images with every email. However, this is obviously not a solution here as we can not control the naming. Is anyone else having this issue or found a way to work around this?

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Community Support

Hi @gary_townsend


Please create a support ticket to get dedicated help. 


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Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Helper I

We are starting to get reports of a very similar issue, at around the same time. Are we sure nothing has altered from the PBI web service side? Our reports have been working without issue for at least a year...