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iOS App Hyperlinks in Text Tiles don't work

Quite often when users click on a hiperlink on Text Tile, instead of opening desired content (In most cases a different PBI Report or Dashboard published to App) it just opens a blank page

Status: New
Community Support Team

@jasiekkal ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce your issue. The link will be redirected to the app correctly on my side.

I need to publish the app, then get the app and copy the link of the app. 




Jimmy Tao


Hi Jimmy Tao,


It's not the App itself but link on text within the App, Like screenshot below:


2019-09-16 12_42_52-Clipboard.png


Each of the underlined text lines has a link behind it. It's when we click on that link it sometimes redirects to a blank, My Workspace page, rather than desired report or dashboard.





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