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grouping not available when connected to dataset in pbi service

I have a data set created in the Desktop which has been published to the service and I have users creating their own reports using this data set. However, it appears that whenever they are using this live connection to the dataset, the Grouping feature is not available. For example, a simple pie chart showing sales by category - if a user selects two or more categories to be grouped, when they right mouse click the Group option does not appear. Is anyone else aware of this and if so is it a bug or is it standard behaviour? Thanks.

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Hi @jlilleystone,


As we all know, there are some limitations in the live mode. The Grouping feature is one of them. We can see from this document, the grouping is the function "New Group". The "New Group" is greyed out in the live connection to Service. I would suggest you vote up an idea here.




Best Regards,


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Thanks for the confirmation Dale. Quite a lot of others out there voting for this functionality so have added my name to the list.





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Thank you for explaining the situation, I am quite new to PBI. Unfortunately I work with a live dataset and I cannot group any segment. I would like to ask if anyone has managed to create any groups, maybe with a measure? 

Thank you very much!