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error while refreshing the report

Good day! A week ago, our report stopped updating automatically.
We have updated the gateway and removed the report. And they published it again. However, we cannot set up scheduled updates. Gateway Connection does not open. The system gives an error:

An unknown error has occurred
Failed to load data. Please try again later.

Please try again later or contact support with the following information.

Action ID: 07f4248e-de74-4b6f-9809-1ca4e785853b
Request ID: b1eeb205-d850-88cc-4a63-eb0fab80082b
Correlation ID: 2a43815b-10d4-b01e-3b7e-94b622d4f153
Status code: 400
Time: Sat Feb 27 2021 19:33:26 GMT + 0300 (Moscow Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.15430.58
Client version: 2102.3.04950-train
Cluster URI:

Status: New
Community Support



You may take a look at Troubleshoot refresh scenarios.