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email subscription report is blank

Hi there


The e-mail subscription appears blank in e-mails (as does the attached snapshot image). When prompted in Outlook to display the message content, there is no change and you are redirected to view the dashboard online.


It is quite a helpful feature, especially with teams on the go. Please fix this.


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My company is having the same issue.  It's turning into a big liability as it's just clogging up employee inboxes with blank reports every day.  Please advise.


Hi all, 


The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 73577469. Please share below information with us: 

Tenant ID, Tenant Location, Power BI account, issued dashboard URL. You can send these information to me via private message. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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thanks for the response. I've tried to respond by mail but it bounced back. Please provide your email address so that I can send the Tenenat information etc privately,

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Hi there, our organization is having this same problem. I know Microsoft was aware of it because it was previously showing on the awareness section of support here.


I assumed it was fixed since it is no longer showing in awareness, but all of our subscriptions are coming blank. 


Please let me know what I can provide to help be a part of the resolution! 

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 fyi - I provided all the information they requested yesterday, i.e. tenant id, location, url, id.  Haven't received a response, yet.  I'm sure they're working on it and will let you know if I hear anything.  Thanks.

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Thank you! Glad it is being worked on. I'm sure you're as frustrated as we are. 

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@jdt008 thanks very much Smiley Happy. Please let me know if you hear of anything.

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We are also still having with the report subscriptions and I indeed noticed that it is not showing up on the 'awareness section anymore'.


Hope it will be solved soon as many people in our organization are using this to get daily updates on their business without having to go into the report in Power BI.


Any update would be highly appreciated to also manage expectations internally.



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Our reports in the organization has the same issue after working for months.


Any resolution or update yet?