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disable drillthrough visual on filter pane for embedded reports

the latest rollout of a new feature (Analytics, Measure Drillthrough) has caused an additional section to show up on our embedded Power BI reports (we are using the filter pane). See screenshot with a dummy report embedded into our application - is there ANY way to disable showing the DRILLTHROUGH portion? It is already confusing our end users because they don't understand what to do with it (and they don't have the ability to "drag drillthrough fields here"). Please help!drillthrough showing in filter pane for end user.JPG

Status: Delivered

Hi @faerewatson,


Based on my research, it's not able to hide drillthrough pane currently. I see you already posted a idea in Ideas forum: I have voted it up. The idea will be considered with high priority if there are many votes. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Established Member
Status changed to: Delivered