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data slicer formats gone in all projects after 2020-06-28

data slicer formats gone in all projects after 2020-06-28


All data slicers is broken,

Multiselect is disabled in all PBIX,

font is changed

On each toggle Hide/show spaces between date is changes


after select multiple control with ctrl it came to good condition, until Hide visual


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Community Support

@Analitika ,


I have made a test but could not reproduce your issue. Make sure power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version. If this issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 


Jimmy Tao


Hi @Analitika ,


The HierarchySlicer has been updated receently and with the new version has add extra option regarding the type of selection: single select, multi-select with and without the CTRL key.

Currently the default will be Multi-select with the CTRL key enabled.


Regarding the item height: there is a fix coming that fixes this issue.


Thanks, JP

Post Prodigy

But you borken all my over 1000 project by set default value Multi-select with the CTRL key  :///

Please restore back or write how to edit your code to not loose all projects

Post Prodigy

Also not work cmd button on apple, cant multi select