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could not load data for the visual

When I publish a Power BI project to any workspaces and open from I get all "Can't Display The Visual" messages no matter which page or visual. The exact same project opens and loads 100% from Power BI Desktop. When the exact same project is Opened by another user and Published to the same workspace the project visuals work just fine. Is there some permissions that could have changed that would allow me to publish but not allow the visuals to work using my account? Frustrating as this was working for me a few days ago.

Status: Needs Info
Community Support

Hi @ctowery,


From your description, it seems that the same report can be viewed by another users but you can't, right? 


Does the report contain custom visual? Are you able to view other reports in your Power BI service which published before? There should be a button to see detail error message, please share RequstID and ClusterURI with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Needs Info