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card tooltip not working on service


last year we inserted in a report a card with tooltip active on a report page;

it worked fine on both desktop and service;

last month we realized that on service card tooltip ceased to work (we don't know exactly when):

on desktop it still works fine;

on service, in edit mode, changing the card z-order (and restoring the original one) seems to be worth, but after saving the problem persists.

It's not a matter of cache (we tried in incognito mode) and it's not a matter of bookmarks or persistent filtering;

is there a bug? 



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I tried the latest version of Power BI Desktop to publish a report and it seems to work fine for me. Try to recreate the report.

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Hi @10246532,

Were you able to fix this issue?
I encounter the same problem – tooltip for Card visual works fine in PBI Desktop December 2020 version but in the current one (March 2021) as well as in the service tooltips don't work


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Hi Patrycja

I tried with the same version;

it seems to work, even though sometimes not at the first attempt;

on desktop and service I need to switch to Actual size view; after this is done, it works in Fit to page or Fit to width, too.

I was using this approach to show an help page as a tooltip; to solve my problem I now use a button to jump to the help page.