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bookmarking does not function on filters created before the feature was released

I have filters on many reports created before the OCtober 2017 release of bookmarking.  The bookmarking feature does not work on these filters.  I have to rebuild all my filters to have them work in book marking 😞

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Hi @poej,


Would you please share detail steps for us to reproduce the issue? It would be better if you could share some screenshots or pbix file with dummy data. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Can i email you a video?  Take an existing report with filters made ahile ago.  Try to set up bookmarking.  the bookmarking doesnt function on those filters.  When i delete the existing filter and add a new filter the bookmarking begins to function.  I have a video reproducing the errror.  This bug is making me have to delete all my existing on page filters and re create each one.