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after executing GetExportedFile, error pop-up occurred on browser

After executing the last line, i.e.

      return await GetExportedFile(ReportID, GroupID, export);

It takes me to the browser with a error pop-up. Only "error" written on the pop-up.
It does not showing  any exception in Catch and report not downloaded!


public async Task<ExportedFile> ExportPowerBIReport(Guid ReportID, Guid GroupID, FileFormat format, int pollingtimeOutInMinutes, CancellationToken token, IList<string> pageNames = null)
var exportId = await PostExportRequest(ReportID, GroupID, format, pageNames);
var export = await PollExportRequest(ReportID, GroupID, exportId);
if (export == null || export.Status != ExportState.Succeeded)
// Error, failure in exporting the report
return null;
return await GetExportedFile(ReportID, GroupID, export);
catch (Exception ex)
// Error handling
throw ex;



Can someone help me in this ??

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Community Support

@saadashraf ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao