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Zoom not working for Mobile Report using iPhone both Power BI and Safari

Zoom not working for Mobile Report using iPhone - I developed a simple report, optimised for iPhone / Mobile phone. I used SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher to design and deployed the report to a VM on Azure. I can view the report with both Safari and Power BI, but the zoom functionality is not working. Am I missing something? Technology used: SQL Server 2016, iPhone 6s IOS 10.1.1 and Power Bi for iPhone version 9.9

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For optimized phone reports, you can scroll in a phone report, cross-highlight and select visuals, and open visuals in focus mode. But we cannot zoom in/out the optimized reports. Please refer to this document.

For non-optimized phone reports, you should be able to use the “pinch” gesture to zoom in and out.

You can create an idea in for it.


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Thanks for the reply Herbert, i started playing with the various formats and layouts. I can't get the pinch working - maybe it only works for specific visualisations like maps - I used a data grid.


From the documentation:


"In phone reports when you select a visual, the phone report highlights that visual and focuses on it, neutralizing canvas gestures.

With the visual selected, you can do things like scroll within the visual. To de-select a visual, just touch anywhere outside the visual area." 


If I understand this correctly I think zoom (pinch) gesture does not work, but I'll try a few more things. Thanks again.

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Was your question about Power BI phone reports or SSRS mobile reports?