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Zip code mapping problem!

I've been working on a data set for a few weeks that maps the top 10 records by zip code in the Map vizualization. This data set was working up until yesterday (2/13/2017). Today, 2/14, the power bi embedded version no longer maps the zip code data.


I downloaded the Feb 2017 power bi desktop update, and now I have the same problem in the desktop version. I went back to the January update - but the mapping there is also not working.


Did something break in Power BI? Or bing maps?

Please help, as this problem will completely derail a customer initiative.

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Are you still having this problem? I just tried but the map with zip code works correctly in Power BI Embedded.

If issue persists, could you please provide a sample PBIX file which can be used to repro to me?


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The issue reproduced for me with Zip Code data that also had Country and State data. The Country was set to "United States". This worked until this last Monday.


I was able to get the zip codes mapping again by changing "United States" to "USA".


Why was this change necessary? I didn't see anything on the Bing blog about any service changes.






I still cannot repro the same issue. Could you please provide your PBIX file to me?


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Hi H,


Sorry I did not come back an update my post. In my zip data table, I had a Country column containing "United States". On the date of my post, that table ceased mapping correctly. Eventually I tried changing the Country value to "USA", then it started mapping correctly again. I am not sure why this change was necessary... Maybe it has something to do with the new president? </joking>


Thanks for following up, it is working for me now.


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I am not able to create a Filled Map using zipcodes (postal codes)


I receive an error :

Too Many values

Too many 'Postal Code' values.  Not displaying all data. Filter the data or choose another field


I receive this error in attempting to create the Filled Map, whether connecting to a database or even with an Excel file with approximately 43,000 rows


We are attempting to use this feature for Territory assignments.

-Caroline A

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I am expereincing this issue, tried converting country field and changing from CSV to Excel. Any resolution available?

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I am having problems trying to create a map based on zip codes.  Excel 3D says i need to add more geographic data to create map, but i've used this map many times and never had the problem locating zip codes.  I googled zip code in bing and in google and it is a valid zip code.