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Zendesk Content Pack fails to refresh data(?)



I am trying to connect our business ZD account through the Content Pack -> Services which initially seems to work just fine (I have an Administrator Account and I get no permission errors).


It spins on "Refreshing Data" and eventually finishes spinning.


If I browse around and go into the Zendesk Dashboard, it is empty. Eventually the "Refreshing data" spinner goes away but the dashboard is still empty. Going into the Zendesk Report, it spins on "Loading Data..." for about a minute (timeout issue?), and then displays an error message saying:


Something went wrong
Unable to load report
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity IDdbab6077-31a4-4b26-b5e1-57d06947efca
Request ID2adb58eb-dea4-30f0-2fd6-f088d54e4864
Correlation ID220daef0-c3a8-e3bb-83fc-cbb429fe4e8a
TimeTue Mar 28 2017 21:44:09 GMT+0200 (CEST)
Cluster URI


Manually trying to refresh the data through the contextual menu on the Zendesk Dataset doesn't help. Same thing happens.


Also, the Refresh History is completely empty (going into Dashboard > Settings > Dataset > Refresh History).


We have about 1.5 million tickets in Zendesk, but I guess that is no more than some others.


Anyone else having this problem or can shine some light on the issue?





Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 21.44.28.png

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I just tried to get data from ZenDesk content pack but I could not repro the same issue as you. The dashboard and report can be shown properly, the dataset can also be refreshed properly.


Could you please try to connect to ZenDesk with the build-in connector in Power BI Desktop? If you can connect and refresh the data successfully in Power BI Desktop but still fail in Power BI Service, please collect a fiddler trace and share the saved .saz file to us through online file service like OneDrive.


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I get the error as well, trying to import to Power BI (Online) from Zendesk using the content pack.






"If you can connect and refresh the data successfully in Power BI Desktop but still fail in Power BI Service"

Confirmed. I can indeed connect and refresh the data in Desktop but unable to successfully load the ticket data (I guess there is just too much and will take hours for it to sync via the Zendesk API). I will attempt to run a Fiddler trace.

Power BI Desktop connected to Zendesk:




If I click 'close and apply' it goes no further than:



(I glimpsed ' creating connection model' for a second before this as well)




There appear to be successful Zendesk API calls as this nr is incrementing steadily:


zendesk api.JPG




My ultimate aim is to be able to produce interactive Zendesk reports that end users can drill down to and view the relevant ticket descriptions to their context.
The next aim is to do semantic analysis of the ticket descriptions (have already done successful tests on the data by piping it to MS Social Engagment via RSS but this might work better in Azure I think.. after watching one of Josh Caplan's videos)

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I don't think the dataset in PB online has finished but clicking the report gives:


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I let things run overnight while I slept Smiley Happy


Came back to this 12 hours later..



and then, just for reference:

(you can see where the calls die off to the right)


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Meantime on PBI Web: