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Wrong region mapping for Argentina in Power BI Choropleth map

The Salta Region in Argentina is being wrongly mapped in Power BI choropleth map to the Tarija region in Bolivia.

Also, Mendoza and San Juan show up fine on Power BI Desktop, but when published to the web, both these regions are empty.

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@pmrviana ,


Because power bi doesn't have such a built-in visual, so do you mean custom visual "Drilldown Choropleth"? If so, I would suggest you submit this issue to link below:



Jimmy Tao

New Member



This is the map I'm talking about:


I also found some other differences in Chile for example, where some regions get mapped correctly in Power BI Desktop but not on Power BI Service. It seems there is some difference in the maps between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, and I would expect them to be exactly the same...

Unfortunately I can't find a way to upload pictures in this comments, otherwise I could exemplify better what I'm talking about.