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Wrong figures in the matrix visual when multiples fields are used in column headers



The native matrix visual returns wrong number when several fields are used (and displayed) in the column headers.


I add two fields (here I use twice the same field to keep data confidential) in the column headers and one simple measure for values.

fields for visual.PNG



You see that results seems strang and I know they are wrong :



The bug is that the same value is displayed twice, resulting to wrong results:

- id 78 and 82 both share the value of 47 (which is wrong)

- 85 and 89 both share the value of 5 (which is wrong)


Two examples are highlighted but you can see that it is the same for each couple of user ids.



The bug disappears after switching on/off subtotals

I have found a way to make the bug disappear but only after a few hours reviewing everything. Happy and mad to find out that I could resolve my problem by switching/unswitching subtotals :





Once this manipulation is done, weirldly everything works fine.

Now each user_id has the correct value:




This bug must be resolved as it can lead users/developers to loose loads of time questioning the data and the DAX while actually it's a bug in the visual. Happened to me.


I stay available for further information.

Thomas Kwakman

Status: New
Community Support



I tried the latest version to test several cases and the appearance seems fine.