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Workspace members can't view the contents of dashboards and reports

Pleaes check.


I've added people to a workspace as members. They can see the list reports and dashboards availabble to them but they can't see the content - just  visuals with x on them - unless  the related dashhboards have been shared with them.  Admin's can view them just fine. 


I also tried to share them as apps but  still the same issue. 

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Thank you very very very much @sbala28 Heart

This solved my problem!!


I've even opened a ticket and talked to Microsoft and they couldn't solve it. They said my user hadn't pro priviledges, while it has and I'm paying for it...

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Check the roles set up in your Power BI file. I just ran into this this week.


I had a file I created weeks again, was just going in to do manual refresh on it, and all of the sudden my user couldn't view it.


We troubleshooted like crazy, contacted Microsoft and they didn't help. 


I had never set up RLS or even clicked "View Roles" in my desktop file.


However, when I went back into it and clicked "View Roles", there was a Viewer role set up there by default. I deleted it and all of my users could view the data. Apparently this is something BI is setting up by default now without telling us?

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I would recommend verify if your Power BI Premium capacity is P1 insted EM versions