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Working with tabluar editor cause creation of display folders "format string measures"

Hello, I worked with the new function "External Tools" / "Tabluar Editor" to create calculation groups within my model - following a blog post of SQL BI . com . Afterwards I have in EACH table containing DAX measures a hidden display folder called "Format String Measures", which I cannot control (neither from PBI desktop nor from Tabluar Editor). The real problem is a side effect, which is, that I'm loosing the control over the measure formatting in PBI Desktop (Menu "Measure tools" / "Format" field is greyed out).
So what did I do wrong? How can I again format my measures in PBI Desktop?

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I had the same experience.  Like @marcorusso , the "format string measures" folder was created when I created a Calculation Item (within a Calculation Group) and provided a custom format in the "format string expression".  I did this using Tabular Editor, via External Tools in Power BI desktop.


I deleted the custom format in Tablular Editor, saved my work in Tablular Editor, and the folder names went away in Power BI Desktop.  😀 However, I still cannot use the Format option in the Measure Tools menu of Tableau Desktop, even after saving, exiting, and opening back up. 😞

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This is happening to me too and is very annoying.  An imminent fix would be very welcome.